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Fish & Chip Friday!

Fish and chip friday has become somewhat of a tradition in our house.

As soon as we get home from work, we get straight in the car and head for the neighbouring village chip shop for our usual order of classic fish, chips and mushy peas.

We visit the pretty picturesque village of Tickhill for our fish and chip supper as Tickhill Fish Bar is well known locally as having awesome buttery fish batter, and the fluffiest golden chips.


The village itself is also lovely to walk around with its boutique shops, bakeries and the cutest coffee shop. I actually think its classed as more of a small town now as it has grown considerably in recent years. There is a large duck pond in the centre of the village that myself and my younger brother used to visit as children. This is a really beautiful place to sit and eat your supper, and lots of people pass by whilst walking their dogs and say hello.

If you ever visit South Yorkshire or live in the county, I would definitely recommend visiting Tickhill for a coffee or to treat yourself to a good old fashioned Yorkshire fish supper.



We are planning a move to this beautiful place and are viewing a number of properties next week so I will keep you posted!


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