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Wilko Premium Makeup Brush Collection | Real Techniques Dupe?



I recently spent some time working in Leeds City Centre, and whilst I was there I somehow managed to find time to have a look around the shops.There has been a lot of hype on Twitter about a new makeup brush line that home and DIY store Wilko has just released, and so when I spotted the store on my travels around Leeds I quickly ducked in to see for myself.

I was surprised to find that the majority of the brushes had already sold out. However I managed to get my hands on the two main ones that I’d already decided would be good to road test.


The first product I picked up was the Premium Stippler Foundation Brush a steal at just £4.00. I was pretty impressed with the packaging of this product as it comes in its own resealable plastic pouch and has an informative product description.

“Our stippler foundation brush is great for use with liquid foundation or highlighting powders, as it helps to create soft layers and adds texture.”

They have definitely tried to go for a Real Techniques feel with the design on this product and it has been described online as a competitor for the Real Techniques brushes. However I cant help but feel it fails a little in comparison.

The brush itself is a lot bigger than I was expecting, as it appears a lot smaller and denser on the website. This may appeal to some people, however I have quite a small face and I just found it was far too big for me. It is 100% synthetic hair, so very easy to wash and dries quickly with no bristle loss so far. It worked okay with my lighter Rimmel BB Cream Matte Foundation and my Lush Skin Pigment Tint added to my morning moisturiser for a very sheer barely there coverage. But was a complete fail at applying my heavier Mac Pro-Longwear Foundation where the product clogged half way down the brush and left my face looking cakey and patchy.

I would give this product 5/10


I also picked up the Premium Eye Make-up Smudger again a steal at just £3.00. I must admit after testing the first product in the line I wasn’t expecting great things, however I was wrong. I really enjoyed using this brush, and I’m by no means an expert at applying eye makeup but it made the process really quick and easy. It reminds me a lot of the Real Techniques Deluxe Crease Brush which I purchased as part of their starter set a while ago now. The Wilko version is not as big but I still felt it blended my shadows well and was easy to use to create a layered look. Again the resealable packaging is handy, but I do wish they had chosen a better word to name this product than the ‘Smudger’.

I would give this product 7/10 


All in all I would say I wasn’t bowled over by the foundation brush, however for the price this doesn’t bother me too much and so this one will sadly be relegated to the brush pot to live with the rest of my makeup brushes. I will definitely continue using the eyeshadow brush and this one will be making its way to my everyday makeup bag.

Have you tried the new Wilko brush range?


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  2. i haven’t heard of wilko, but there are tons of real techniques dupe on ebay 🙂 i have a set and they’re actually quite good 😀


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