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10 Ways To Ace Your Christmas Gift Wrapping

10 ways to ace xmas wrapping

When it comes to Christmas shopping I’m not the most organised of people. Each year I tell myself that I will start early, make a proper list, maybe grab a few bargains in the new year sales to put away, and spread the cost over a few months.

In reality what actually happens is I make a mad supermarket sweep style dash around Meadowhall in the days before Christmas Eve, battle with equally stressed shoppers (mostly males looking lost) and spend far too much on my gifts and live like a poor person until January.

One thing I do spend a lot of time thinking about each year is how I am going to wrap the things I have so lovingly purchased. Hours are spend browsing Pinterest looking for unique ways to add something a little special, and I have to say over the years I’ve got my presentaion down to a fine art! Here are my top 20 gift wrapping ideas for the festive season.

Chalk Pen on Brown Paper, Tied With String


Festive Pompom’s


Hand Knitted 


Chalk Board Effect


Golden Glamour 


Sweet Tradition


Simple Initials


Bah Humbug


Lace Ribbon


Postcard Perfect


How are you planning to wrap your presents this year?

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