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KIKO Milano | Leeds Store Visit

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I recently visited the KIKO Makeup store in Leeds City Centre. I had been itching to pay them a visit ever since I found out the store was opening, and I wasn’t disappointed. In fact I would go as far as to say I was completely blown away by what I experienced.

This is the only standalone KIKO store outside of London and boy is it a big one! The sheer amount of beauty products inside are enough to satisfy any makeup junkie.. and it’s great to see a professional makeup brand venturing ‘up north’. As Leeds is just a short train ride away from my home town of Doncaster, this makes it so accessible to me and I think it will become a regular haunt.

Kiko Store Front

The Albion Street store frontage was impressive and the interior was even better! The layout made shopping super easy and the signage just made it so simple to understand what each product was and how to use it. There were swatching stations next to each product section too, complete with makeup remover, cotton pads and even cellotape to swatch the nail polish on your hand; which I thought was such a great idea!

Kiko 1

I literally felt like a kid in a candy store with the rows of lipsticks and nail polishes neatly lined up, and ended up spending over an hour browsing the walls of products, and a further thirty minutes with a fantastic makeup artist who indulged me in my search for the perfect lipstick.

My search concluded when I settled on a beautiful Unlimited STYLO Long Lasting Lipstick £6.90 in the shade 04 Pearly Tangerine. The makeup artist described this product as being as moisturising as a lip gloss with the effect of a matte lipstick. This is perfect for me as I have such dry lips but really love a matte finish. I love the creamy texture and how supple it makes my lips feel. The colour window on the packaging also makes it really easy to tell which colour is inside too… it’s the small things! The second lipstick I purchased was the SMART Lipstick in the shade 912 Crimson Red. A just £3.90 this is part of KIKO’s basic collection and is a rich, traditional red which I thought would be perfect for the festive season. I didn’t find the staying power of this one to be as good as the STYLO which was super long lasting – however for the price I cannot grumble too much.

PicMonkey Collage

I also picked up a Smart Eye Pencil in the colour 803 Granite Purple, however it looks brown when applied. I’m not a fan of this particular product as the colour build up was poor when I tried it at home. Like the SMART Lipstick, this is also part of the basic collection and I think you can tell with the quality on application. I also couldn’t resist picking up the strengthening nail polish in the shade 358 Peach Rose which will look so pretty in the spring.

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My final purchase was something I had been meaning to try for a while. I have heard great things about KIKO’s Nourishing Night Balm Lip Treatment, and got a little bit excited when I spotted it! It has a thick Vaseline consistency and had been so soothing on my cracked lips this winter. I will be including a full review on this in my Top Lip Balms post which is coming soon!

I will definitely be making a trip to KIKO Leeds again in the new year and am so excited to see the spring products when they launch in store.

Have you visited this store yet? Let me know what you thought.

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