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A Big Adventure | Moving To Poole

A Big Adventure  Moving To Poole

Today’s post comes bearing some exciting news… I have been offered an amazing opportunity to train to be a Therapist for the Lush Spa! This means that in a few short weeks I will be moving down to Poole on the Dorset coast, returning September this year.

This is a scary prospect for me, and a decision that I haven’t made lightly. It will mean leaving my boyfriend, our cats and our home behind, taking minimal belongings (I don’t do light packing) and moving in with complete strangers. I feel like its my first term at university all over again, and I have somehow travelled back in time eight years to my naive teenage self.. just slightly less spotty and better dressed this time.

I received my travel and accommodation details through yesterday which has made everything seem so much more real. I have a lovely looking apartment on Dolphin Quays, which I will be sharing with a handful of other girls who are joining me for training. I’m really happy with where it is located and looking forward to living by the sea for a while.


It’s scary. But it’s an awesome opportunity and one that I would be a fool to turn down.

Wish me luck folks!

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