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Weekly Diary #1 | First Month In Poole


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Welcome to the first installment of my weekly blogs. Technically this is a round up of my first month in Poole, but I guess it still counts right? Okay then.  I’ve had a fantastic first month in sunny Poole! The weather has been so amazing and has made exploring the town a truly lovely experience.

Poole is a small place really, but is packed with character and there is so much to see and do. I’ve spent my first month finding out where all the important places are such as the best coffee shops and the doctors, dentist etc. Clearly I listed those things in order of importance.. obviously. I’ve also discovered some really cute places to visit when my boyfriend comes to stay, and it’s really starting to feel like home.

My apartment is gorgeous, and I know I’ve been so lucky to be placed here. It’s a three bedroom, three bathroom place with a balcony overlooking the Quay. It’s lovely to sit out in the morning and eat breakfast watching the boats come in and out of the harbour.  I’ve been waking up most mornings before my alarm, which is so not like me as I love my sleep! Most mornings there are groups of seagulls that sit and chatter outside my bedroom window, and other mornings I get woken by the ferry horns as they pull out of the harbour. I love these noises as they are all part of living by the sea, and already I know I will miss them when I leave to return home.


My morning view of Poole Harbour

I’m sharing with other girls who are also here for the same training program. There’s been a few of us that have been here for the whole month, but also some people that come and go, coming down to learn one or two treatments before returning home to their allocated spa. It’s been challenging adapting to living with so many different people, and there have been moments when I wanted to throw myself or them over the balcony – but there have also been lots of laughter and you learn to adapt to one another and live around each others space. It’s been nice having people around me who are also going through the same experience, and I’ve found a lot of comfort in that on hard days.

I’m loving the training experience! I knew it was going to be tough both mentally and physically, and it really is. Of course I miss home, and I miss my boyfriend and my boys like crazy. For the first few weeks my body hurt in places I didn’t know existed, and I thought my head was going to explode through trying to learn the routines. But over time my body is adjusting to the training, and this journey is fast becoming the most exciting and personally rewarding thing I have ever done in my life.

I’m so excited for what the rest of my time here will bring and have lots of exciting things planned so stay tuned!

Until next week x



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