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London Visit | Dinosaurs In Waterloo, Liberty’s & LUSH Oxford Street

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On Saturday I met my Mum and Boyfriend in London for the day to have some lunch, walk around the city and visit the amazing new Lush Oxford Street store. I had bought my Mum a Lush Spa treatment for her birthday last year and so when I first heard the Oxford St store was opening I booked us in for two Synaesthesia treatments. As it turns out I actually decided to cancel mine, as I was learning the treatment myself I didn’t feel I would be able to relax and so have rescheduled for another time. Mum went ahead and had hers though and she absolutely loved it!


When I booked the London trip I didn’t know I would be moving to Poole and so my Mum very kindly brought my boyfriend with her when she met me so that we could also spend some time together. I will be writing a separate post on the Lush Spa soon, so I won’t go into too much detail about her experience.

Whilst Mum was having her treatment my boyfriend and I explored the new Lush Oxford Street store. Having worked for the company for over a year now, I have heard so much about the launch and the build up and anticipation internally within the company was huge. Because of this I was so excited to see what all the fuss was about, but to be honest I was left a little disappointed. The store itself was not as huge as I had imagined. Sure it is definitely a lot bigger than all the other Lush stores, but it wasn’t the immense spectacle that it was built up to be before the launch. It felt like there was a lot of dead space inside, and the layout confused me slightly. As a customer you probably wouldn’t know what I mean, but as a member of staff I just think the use of space could be better.




We got there just after lunch time on a Saturday so I expected it to be packed full of excited shoppers but it wasn’t actually that busy, so I was able to browse in peace. I picked up a few limited edition products (of which I will do a haul and review post to follow) but I didn’t go crazy. Some of the new products I had my eye on previously are also available in the Poole shop and so I had already picked them up, which kind of took the edge of the excitement for me.




There is a really cool hair lab on the ground floor of the store where you can have hair treatments and styling products demonstrated on your own hair. I didn’t have anything done as we were short on time, however I love the concept of being able to try a full head of product in store.


After visiting Lush we went to Liberty’s Of London, a store that I have loved since I was a little girl but never visited. I love to watch the documentaries on the TV about the running of the store and how they prepare for Christmas. Here I wasn’t disappointed, and walking into the beautiful scarf hall literally took my breath away. It was as magical as I imagined, and I’m so glad I had the opportunity to visit the iconic store.

I spent some time walking around looking at all the amazing designer handbags and shoes (most of which cost more than my car) and of course fell in love with the stationary department. I picked up a beautiful Kate Spade notebook, which again I will do a blog post about soon.


After some dinner on Oxford Street we headed back to get our separate trains, and I was so excited to see the Jurassic World installation in Waterloo Station. I managed to battle the crowds to get some photos


I had a great day out in London and it was so nice to see my mum and my boyfriend. I’m so happy my mum experienced the Lush Spa as it is so hard to describe the magic of the place to another person, and now I feel it really puts the reasons why I moved away into perspective for her.

Until next time x


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