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Top Tips For A Stress Free Move


If you read my previous post you will know that for a while now I’ve been on the hunt for a house in my favourite village of Tickhill. Well I’m very excited to say that the challenge has been met.. in the form of a beautiful cottage on the outskirts of the village. The process has been delightfully plain sailing so far, and so I thought I’d share my tips on a stress free move! Whether you are moving out of your parents house for the first time, renting or buying your first proper home or moving away to university.. you are sure to find some tips here to help you through the process.

Top Tip 1: Make LOTS of lists. If you’re not a list person then get yourself a cute notebook, make yourself a cuppa and take some time to note down all of the things you need to do before the big day arrives. I made three lists, one for the things that needed to be done at the old house, one for things to be done before we move anything into the new house and another for all the companies that needed to be contacted such as bills, banks and insurance providers.

Top Tip 2: Pack ahead of time. If you have the luxury to do this then it is far less stressful in the long run. By packing away in advance all the items you will not need before you move, you have the opportunity to organise your valuables into boxes and prevent any breakages through rushing – which brings me nicely onto my next tip!

Top Tip 3:  Invest some time in sourcing some decent packing materials such as bubble wrap and sturdy boxes. You don’t even have to spend any cash on this, your local supermarket or shopping centre will have a department that stores boxes already flat-packed whilst they await the recycling lorry. Catch them on a delivery day and you’re laughing!  Wrapping your items in bubble wrap is super important to avoid them smashing together in transit. It might seem like a real pain to package all your possessions individually but take it from me, you will be thankful when everything arrives in one piece at the other end. I once had an unfortunate incident involving a banana box and my Nana’s expensive china.. not my finest hour! If you don’t have the cash for bubble wrap then just use a few sheets of your local newspaper as most of them are free.

Top Tip 4: Pack yourself a ‘first night box’. Your first night in a new place can be strange so be sure to pack a box of comforting items that will instantly make you feel at home. My box contains my favourite pajamas, some chamomile tea and my favourite mug,  a framed photo of me and my boys, a cable knit snuggle blanket, some chocolate buttons and a dvd. These are all items you wouldn’t necessarily think to unpack first, but for me made the difference between an anxious or calm first night in my new home.

Top Tip 5: Unpack to music. Trust me, when you hear those songs again in years to come you will associate them with happy memories of the day you moved into your beautiful new home!

If you have moved house recently or are planning a move and would like some interiors inspiration, be sure to come back and check out my house tour in the next few weeks.

Do you have any moving tips to share?

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OOTD |Miss Selfridge, Topshop & New Look


Today’s OOTD {outfit of the day} comes to you from sunny Brighton.. I’ve been here for a few days with my boyfriend to chill, do some shopping and see the sights. Brighton fashion is pretty edgy so I went for a grungy look with leather ankle boots and faded denim. 


MOTO Extracted Hallie Shorts – Topshop £30.00

White Sleeveless Crepe Top – New Look £6.99

Black Drop Pocket Boyfriend Cardigan – New Look £12.99

Black Lace Trim Ankle Socks – Topshop £3.50

Amour Cut Out Boots – Miss Selfridge £36.00

Rayban Aviators – Sunglass Hut £165.00

Black Filigree Disc Necklace – Miss Selfridge £5.00

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Top LUSH Moisturiser Picks |Eczema Prone Skin

image (4)

Today I’m bringing you the first in my ‘Eczema Prone Skin Series’ and I’m talking: Moisturisers in all their forms. If like me you suffer with Eczema, luxurious bath, body and skincare products can seem like a distant dream and the thought of trying a new product can be a frightening thought. In my experience this is generally because when you suffer with a skin condition and you find a product that your body accepts – you stick by that product!

If like me you suffer with this skin condition then I’m betting as soon as you saw the title of this post you immediately thought “YES! Someone who gets me! Eczema is a condition that never gets talked about on beauty reviews.. why not? As sufferers it is an ongoing battle to find skincare that WORKS. You can help yourself, save some cash and advise others by just talking about the subject”

You will notice from the title that there is a Lush theme to this post. This is because if you didn’t already know I do work for the company and therefore I naturally try A LOT of their products. You might think this makes me biased to their awesomeness.. My answer to that would be to try for yourself and form your own opinion. I think eczema is a serious subject, at times it is awful for the sufferer and so I wouldn’t recommend a product lightly.

When it comes to finding eczema friendly products I tend to find the general consensus is that anything that provides moisture is a winner, and that avoiding ingredients that are overly astringent or high in citrus oils are ones to avoid.  When looking for ingredients to add or retain moisture in the skin you need to seek out products that contain higher contents of Olive Oil, Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Glycerine, Almond Oil and Coconut Oil.


Usually my top pick for an effective body moisturiser changes every few months as my skin gets used to a product. However for about 4 months now I have been loving the New Charity Pot Hand & Body Lotion £12.95 from Lush. Working for Lush I do get to sample many products from the different ranges, but I have never felt as strongly about a Lush product as I do about this one. I really do think that it is awesome! Packed full of Fair Trade Olive Oil, Glycerine, Moringa Oil, Fair Trade Columbian Cocoa Butter, Fresh Aloe Gel and Ylang Ylang Oil – It really is super moisturising and calming for eczema prone skin. I also love New Charity Pot because aside from the amazing feeling it gives to my troubled skin, 100% of the cost to buy this product minus the vat goes straight to help the amazing grass roots charities that Lush supports globally. You can find out more about the work that Charity Pot funds on the Lush Website.

New Charity Pot front


New Charity Pot top view

I wasn’t a fan of the original Charity Pot as it had too much of a heavy floral scent and soaked in too quickly.  Lush have cleverly made the new version in a self-preserving formula which now makes it richer, thicker in consistency and a little bit goes a lot further – great news for serial twice a day users like me! It also has a new fresh Aloe Vera scent which I much prefer.

Top Tip: Keep this product in the fridge for an extra soothing sensation on eczema prone skin! 


Currently I am LOVING the Full Of Grace Facial Serum Bar £8.25 from Lush. I find this to be a night time product rather than day time as the ingredients do take a while to sink in, and so I apply a generous layer and massage into the skin before I get into bed to let it work it’s magic overnight. I’m a big fan of facial serums and find this one to really soothe any dry eczema patches on the face.

“A deeply moisturising facial serum in solid form that glides on to leave skin feeling renewed without heaviness. We’ve created a skin-feeding blend of oils and mixed with Portobello mushrooms for their skin-protecting vitamins and minerals, whilst chamomile blue oil and calamine powder calm the skin – and the latter controls greasiness too. Warm on the fingertips or glide it across the skin like a massage bar, allowing the bar to melt and all the beautiful ingredients to soak in.”

full of grace

 For the mornings I like to mix things up a little and depending on how my skin is feeling that day I will choose one of two moisturisers. The first being the new Lush Million Dollar Moisturiser which is a little on the pricey side at £32.50 but I think well worth the skincare investment. It lasts for such a long time as even on really dry skin you need the smallest amount. It contains fantastically soothing ingredients such as Oatmeal, Shea Butter, Lavender, Rose and also Honey which is a natural antiseptic – great for flare ups! Lush have also added a little of their Feeling Younger Cream Highlighter into the formula which gives a subtle glow to the skin without adding any tint or colour, meaning that it takes the edge off flare up days when I don’t feel I can bear to use a full foundation.

Top Tip: Add a skin tint or a dab of foundation to this moisturiser, and use alongside a little concealer for a dewy light coverage on spotty skin days

Million Dollar Moisturiser

My other moisturiser of choice is the Lush Skin’s Shangri La Facial Moisturiser. Again this is leaning towards the more expensive end of the range at £28.95 but again I feel the price reflects the contents of the 45g tub. This is not the richest of the Lush moisturisers available, but I find the combination of ingredients to be by far the  best of the product selection for eczema prone skin. I look for ingredients like Wheat Grass and Wheat Germ as these are great anti-inflammatory ingredients because I find my skin swells and becomes puffy during a flare up and these ingredients really do wonders for that.

Skin Shangri La

These are just a few of the different moisturising products I have tried on my troublesome skin over the years. Sometimes products work for a little while and then slowly lose their effectiveness as my skin gets immune to their powers! The products I have mentioned today are the ones that have stood the test of time.  Don’t forget that Lush offer free samples of all their products with no obligation to buy, so head into your local Lush for a consultation.

What are your go to products for eczema prone skin?

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Wilko Premium Makeup Brush Collection | Real Techniques Dupe?



I recently spent some time working in Leeds City Centre, and whilst I was there I somehow managed to find time to have a look around the shops.There has been a lot of hype on Twitter about a new makeup brush line that home and DIY store Wilko has just released, and so when I spotted the store on my travels around Leeds I quickly ducked in to see for myself.

I was surprised to find that the majority of the brushes had already sold out. However I managed to get my hands on the two main ones that I’d already decided would be good to road test.


The first product I picked up was the Premium Stippler Foundation Brush a steal at just £4.00. I was pretty impressed with the packaging of this product as it comes in its own resealable plastic pouch and has an informative product description.

“Our stippler foundation brush is great for use with liquid foundation or highlighting powders, as it helps to create soft layers and adds texture.”

They have definitely tried to go for a Real Techniques feel with the design on this product and it has been described online as a competitor for the Real Techniques brushes. However I cant help but feel it fails a little in comparison.

The brush itself is a lot bigger than I was expecting, as it appears a lot smaller and denser on the website. This may appeal to some people, however I have quite a small face and I just found it was far too big for me. It is 100% synthetic hair, so very easy to wash and dries quickly with no bristle loss so far. It worked okay with my lighter Rimmel BB Cream Matte Foundation and my Lush Skin Pigment Tint added to my morning moisturiser for a very sheer barely there coverage. But was a complete fail at applying my heavier Mac Pro-Longwear Foundation where the product clogged half way down the brush and left my face looking cakey and patchy.

I would give this product 5/10


I also picked up the Premium Eye Make-up Smudger again a steal at just £3.00. I must admit after testing the first product in the line I wasn’t expecting great things, however I was wrong. I really enjoyed using this brush, and I’m by no means an expert at applying eye makeup but it made the process really quick and easy. It reminds me a lot of the Real Techniques Deluxe Crease Brush which I purchased as part of their starter set a while ago now. The Wilko version is not as big but I still felt it blended my shadows well and was easy to use to create a layered look. Again the resealable packaging is handy, but I do wish they had chosen a better word to name this product than the ‘Smudger’.

I would give this product 7/10 


All in all I would say I wasn’t bowled over by the foundation brush, however for the price this doesn’t bother me too much and so this one will sadly be relegated to the brush pot to live with the rest of my makeup brushes. I will definitely continue using the eyeshadow brush and this one will be making its way to my everyday makeup bag.

Have you tried the new Wilko brush range?

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Soap & Glory | Saturday Morning Breakfast Bath


Front facing trio cover

As a therapist in training there is nothing I love more than a bit of home relaxation. If I’m lucky enough to have a rare weekend off I really look forward to getting all my products out and choosing a theme for my home pamper. I think its just as important to indulge yourself in a little relaxation in the mornings as well as the evenings. Weekend mornings are the perfect time to plan a little you time, and what better way to do this than by running yourself a ‘Breakfast Bath’. The first thing I do is to light a couple of candles. Today I chose a simple Ikea candle in ‘Vanilla Pleasure’ – I have so many of these in various fragrances stored in my cupboard for bath times as they are super cheap at just 95p and burn for ages. You can also recycle the glass again for tea lights. Alongside it I also burnt my Yankee Candle in ‘Vanilla Cupcake’, this is my all time favourite candle and smells just like vanilla frosting! These come in a ranges of sizes, and a sucker for all things minature I have the small jar size at £7.99.

Vanilla CandlesThe products I choose for a morning pamper are more awakening. I tend to avoid ingredients like Lavender and Chamomile or heavy scented aromatherapy products that I would normally associate with my night time routine. Instead I go for more ‘foody’ breakfast table scents like oats, honey, brown sugar and vanilla as I find these lift my mood and make me cheery to start my day. The Lush Yellow Fun Bubble Bar £5.00 is perfect for creating a relaxing but mood lifting bubble bath. If you’ve never used Fun before or steered clear of the product because you think it’s just for kids, then think again! Designed to make you feel ‘clean and comforted’ it is a solid bubble bar than when crumbled under running water creates sweet vanilla scented bubbles.

fun collage Because I suffer with dry skin I also like to add some extra moisture to my water in the form of the Lush Butterball Bath Ballistic. This is such a simple bath product but contains lots of cocoa butter which settles in beads on the waters surface which soothes irritated or sensitive skin. It also contains Ylang ylang, an ingredient used in aromatherapy to treat stress.

Butterball Collage Carrying on with the foody fragrance theme when selecting my body wash products brought me to the Soap & Glory Smoothie Star Breakfast Scrub £8.00 and the Soap & Glory Whipped Clean Shower Butter £8.00. I know I’m pretty late to the party when it comes to these products and they have developed somewhat of a cult following, particularly the scrub. I love them because I have such dry and sensitive skin and I find them so moisturising.

Breakfast Scrub The scrub has a light brown sugar grain texture and is packed full of shea butter, bananas, almond oil, honey extract and features the most amazing maple syrup fragrance. This is my favourite scent of any cosmetic product currently on the market – BIG statement for someone who works for Lush!

Whipped Clean The shower smoothie has a light, whipped consistency and again is super moisturising. It can also be used as a gentle shaving foam and when used after the scrub leaves the skin feeling smooth and clean. Containing shea butter, cocoa butter, sweet almond oil, grapeseed oil, macadamia nut oil and with a pistachio, almond and sweet vanilla fragrance. Pure heaven for dry skin!


It’s pretty obvious that all of today’s products used in my Saturday Morning Breakfast Bath are high in moisturising oils and butters – Not great for hair washing days. If you are planning on going out after your bath and wish to wash your hair, then I would recommend doing so under the shower or pre-washing and using a shower cap.


What products do you like to use for a morning bath?

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Fish & Chip Friday!

Fish and chip friday has become somewhat of a tradition in our house.

As soon as we get home from work, we get straight in the car and head for the neighbouring village chip shop for our usual order of classic fish, chips and mushy peas.

We visit the pretty picturesque village of Tickhill for our fish and chip supper as Tickhill Fish Bar is well known locally as having awesome buttery fish batter, and the fluffiest golden chips.


The village itself is also lovely to walk around with its boutique shops, bakeries and the cutest coffee shop. I actually think its classed as more of a small town now as it has grown considerably in recent years. There is a large duck pond in the centre of the village that myself and my younger brother used to visit as children. This is a really beautiful place to sit and eat your supper, and lots of people pass by whilst walking their dogs and say hello.

If you ever visit South Yorkshire or live in the county, I would definitely recommend visiting Tickhill for a coffee or to treat yourself to a good old fashioned Yorkshire fish supper.



We are planning a move to this beautiful place and are viewing a number of properties next week so I will keep you posted!


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Sleek Makeup Splurge

Sleek Cover

I genuinely think that the warm weather we have been blessed with recently has done funny things to the side of my brain that controls my urge to shop!

There have been moments this week where I have literally had to stop myself from walking into Debenhams through fear of spending all my wages at the Mac counter. Instead I went to Boots where the more logical side of my brain told me I would get more bang for my buck.

I headed straight for the Sleek Makeup stand where I picked up their Face Contour Kit £6.49 in the colour Medium. I have heard amazing things about this product as it totally simplifies the contour process, making it idiot proof for contour-phobes like me! The compact itself is a nice size to put in your handbag, and like all Sleek products it has a generous sized mirror which I love! I found the matte texture of the contour powder super easy to blend and the illuminating highlighter gives a really natural glow.

contour kit watermarked

I also couldn’t resist adding the I Divine Eye shadow Palette in the colour Au Naturel to my basket. This is the first large palette I have purchased from the Sleek range and I will definitely be adding another to my collection. For just £7.99 you get 12 shades and the range is fantastic with a selection of both matte and shimmer colours, and the mica pigments make them easy to blend and layer depending on how dramatic you want your look to be. My favourite feature of this palette is by far the HUGE mirror! I know, its ridiculous to be so enthralled by a piece of reflective glass. However it is very rare to find such a generous sized mirror on a palette these days so this excited me greatly.

idivine au naturel watermarked

idivine labeled watermarked

This Blush By 3 Cream Blush Set £9.99 is a product that I have had my eye on for while after I saw it featured on a popular YouTuber’s favourites vlog. I much prefer a cream blush over a powder as I find them much easier to blend, and because my foundation is a matte finish I like the glowing effect they give the cheeks when layered on top.  This set comes in 8 colour ways, however I went for the shade California as all three colours were a cream base and the more peachy colours suit my skin tone. There were so many to choose from though in a mix of both cream and powders, so I would recommend spending some time looking at them all.

blush by 3 rectangular watermarked



I am a serial lipstick hoarder (I’ll save that for another post) and so couldn’t resist adding a couple to my stash. I picked up a couple of the True Colour Lipsticks in the shades Papaya Punch and Barely There. These are perfect summer shades and whilst they don’t last as long on the lips as my Mac Cream Sheens, they are a steal at £4.99 and are still super moisturising but not overly shiny which I like. They also come in the sweetest packaging, which if you didn’t already know I’m a sucker for pretty packaging.

true colour lipstick papaya punchbarely there watermarked

My final purchase was this Brow Kit £8.49 in the shade Dark. I just had to buy this because I am a bargain hunter at heart and this is such great value for money. It contains both a pigmented wax for shaping and a powder for setting and comes with a two different brushes and the cutest little tweezers. This is a fantastic little starter set for anyone who is just starting out on the brow front and whilst I probably wont use the brushes that came with the kit (my mac 263 is far too close to my heart to shelve!) they will do the job just fine for brow newbies.

brow kit watermarked

In total I spent just over £42.00 on my Sleek Makeup spurge, but I have six great products to show for it and feel like my beauty bag has had a real makeover of its own. Had I gone to Mac I would probably have two lipsticks to show for my cash!

Have you sampled any of the Sleek Makeup Range? If so please indulge me with your favourites and share the love for bargain makeup shopping!







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Fiat 500 Lounge|Smooth Mint


I’ve thought long and hard about what my first blog post content should be. I’ve procrastinated for six months about starting this blog after being inspired by the sheer number of amazing blogs that have become a huge part of my day to day life.

I can safely say I am now a ‘blog person’. I used to check my Facebook each morning, in fact it’s fair to say it was the first thing I used to do. However now there is a new platform in my life that goes by the name Bloglovin!
Forget reading the morning paper… I am a blog reader through and through. Who cares about politics or Katie Price’s latest drama when you can start your day looking at amazing product reviews, lifestyle articles and the latest must have beauty item.

I knew my first post had to be about something I was passionate about, that would set the tone and give an insight into my personality. The physical object I am by far the most in love with is my car.

My new Fiat 500 Lounge in Smooth Mint is my true love. When I’m out on the road that is my time to be alone with my thoughts. It’s the time I do my deepest thinking and much to my annoyance as I never have a pen to hand in the car, the time I get my creative ideas.
How can you fail to be creative in a car this pretty.

It screams my personality with its pastel mint paintwork and chrome detailing and when you pair this with it’s tan and cream leather interior the result is just breath-takingly beautiful.

Vintage inspired motoring for the 21st century girl!